A Worthy Replacement for Google Reader

With all of the talk that RSS is no longer relevant, it is interesting that so many web users expressed disappointment when Google announced that it would be shutting down Google Reader on July 1, 2013. While Google stated that it was discontinuing its online reader due to declining usage, there were still millions of loyal followers who found themselves searching for a worthy replacement to access the most popular RSS feeds.

If there was any doubt as to the popularity of Google Reader consider this. Within the first 10 days of its demise, more than 3.5 new users signed on to Feedly Reader alone. Although many of them have expressed dissatisfaction, but since beggars cannot be choosers, they will have to make due for now, or at least until Digg makes good on its promise of building a Google Reader replacement. Such a statements itself demonstrates the sizable crater that the absence of the Google RSS Reader has left in RSS community.

The bottom line is that the stir caused by the discontinuation of the Google RSS Reader illustrates just how relevant RSS still is. Despite the fact that a recent survey found that only seven percent of web users are using RSS, there are obviously many who still value the information that is delivered via that little orange RSS feed icon.

Although the masses are choosing newer tools like Facebook and Twitter to access information, the demand for a no frill blog reader remains. And while RSS may not be as popular as Facebook and Twitter, how often are the most popular things the best?