How Do You Consume Your News Daily?

Are you a blog reader? Then you must have seen the RSS feed icon floating around out there on the internet. But have you taken advantage of the benefits of that RSS feed icon yet? Maybe you have seen the RSS feed icon, but have no idea what it actually is.

That is okay, even though it has been around since the late 90s, not many people are aware of just what you can do with popular RSS feeds. If this is the case for you, just read on. By the end of this article, you will be so ready to get a hold of some great RSS feeds for reading news, you will drop everything to find an online reader and start subscribing as soon as possible.

  • What Is RSS?
  • RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It is designed to collect all of your favorite sites, blogs, web comics, news, and even your social media sites, and put them all into a single location for you, so that you never need to open dozens of tabs, wait for them all to load, only to find that your favorite sites have not updated yet.

  • How Do I Use It?
  • The only way that you can conveniently access all of these great feeds all in one place is to find that one place. What you need first, before you can subscribe, is an RSS reader. Without that reader, if you were to click on an RSS subscription, it would send you to an internet page filled with lines of confusing code that you would not understand.

    There are two types of readers that you can get for your feeds. One is a website that you subscribe to, so when you sign into your account, all of your content is there, ready for you to access and see the updates. The other option is a standalone program that runs independently on your computer. You do not even need a browser open for this, it can just run quietly in the background, notifying you as any of your feeds update.

  • Where Do I Get It?
  • To get in on this great technology, you first need to search for an RSS reader. A quick search will net you a list of some great versions, and you can read up on each one with its capabilities and functions. After you decide on that, you can find a few different lists of RSS feeds that you can choose from. They come in tons of different varieties of content, so you should never have a shortage of feeds to keep you busy.

Do you realize now how much time you have been wasting, reading all of those blogs and news sources, all from their individual sites? If you take the time now to get an RSS reader, and then subscribe to some great RSS feeds, you will be saving yourself on tons of time from then on.