Replacing Reader? Here are 3 Great Options

Many people use RSS feeds to get news and information in a more convenient way than hopping from one website to the next. Before subscribing to their favorites though, many had to try to find out what is Google Reader. Essentially, a Google RSS reader is a news aggregator that was designed in 2005 Google engineer Chris Wetherell. It could operate both on and offline, and had the capacity to support a number of apps. However, with fewer people trying to find out what is Google Reader and use RSS, Google decided to shut it down in July. Fortunately, there are still several online readers still available.


Popular Scieince calls Digg their favorite alternative to Google Reader for reading news and other stories. Like Reader, it is a web app that can be downloaded but it is cleaner and even more streamlined for greater ease of use. It allows users to quickly scroll and bounce from one story to another so that they can get all the updates that they desire. As an added bonus, it allows users to import feeds from Google Reader for the easiest possible transition to the new app.

The Old Reader

Users who got comfortable with the look and layout of Reader might want to try out The Old Reader. It mimics Google’s app from 2011, and it allows users to import Reader feeds with pretty much just the click of a button. However, it might fall short because it does not offer a mobile app, which is a major limitation considering other options.


With Reader no longer available, NewsBlur might be set to take over as the best option on RSS feed lists. Though Popular Science says that it looks kind of like Reader, it is busier and a bit uglier. However, it is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets and has bonus features like allowing users to see the entire article, rather than just the RSS version. Plus, it is set apart by the fact that it offers a one dollar premium version.

When it comes to alternatives to Reader, there are certainly more than three out there. Feedly and NewsWire are both good options, and NetNewsWire is one of the top choices for Mac products. Everyone is unique, and there might not be one feed that is right for everyone. So anyone who used to use Reader or just wants to start using RSS feeds should try out many options.