The One Stop Source for Popular RSS Feeds

For those web users who find themselves on the internet for significant amounts of time on a daily basis, an RSS feed list offers a fast, easy, and convenient way to access the most recent updates from the most popular websites via RSS feeds. In fact, when one downloads the free software for an online reader, the most popular RSS feeds will be sent directly to the web user. Thus, there is no actual accessing involved if web users want to receive, say, CNN RSS feeds. An RSS feed list offers to web users exactly what its name implies, a list of the most popular RSS feeds, such as the CNN RSS feed, Fox news RSS feed, the New York Times RSS feed, as well as countless others.

Although there are several different RSS feed lists available online, each will typically divide RSS feeds based upon topic. For instance, the UEN, or Utah Education Network, RSS feed divides RSS feeds into categories that include world and national news, local news, education news, technology news, science news, public television news, sports, entertainment, and photos. Furthermore, many RSS feed lists will offer many different feeds that are associated with that website, alone. For example, the CNN, NPR, and TMZ websites offer several different RSS feeds that are related to their own individual columns. Of course, these are typically news websites, or other large sites, that offer more than one RSS feed.

In the event that an internet user comes across a website, and is interested in receiving its updates via RSS feeds, they know that they can do just that if the recognizable RSS feed icon is present. Among the different free online RSS feed readers and blog readers is the Google RSS reader, which works like any other reader, and people can access it through their Google accounts. However, after July 1, 2013, it will no longer be available. An RSS feed list is incredibly handy for any web user who wants to save time that would otherwise be lost accessing different website updates. As such, RSS feed lists provide a one stop source for the most popular RSS feeds.