What Is Google Reader And What Are Its Main Advantages?

So many people continue to ask what is Google Reader today. They know what Google is and they know that the company is a search engine powerhouse with the lion’s market share, but when they hear this term they often get confused. Here, we break down the answer to what is Google Reader, highlighting its main benefits.

For people who ask what is Google Reader, the answer is quite simple: it is a site that compiles news articles via popular RSS feeds and other areas. So for instance, the tool could pull all important keyword based data for a subscriber from a CNN RSS feed or from Google world news. This online reader essentially aggregates content into a singular place where millions of users can gain access to this information. A Google RSS reader essentially eliminates the hassle of users having to visit various websites to get their content.

For people wanting to know the answer to what is Google Reader, though, more specifics on the positive benefits of using such a tool are perhaps more helpful. One obvious benefit is the notion that the device will constantly look for articles that are related to a subject that a user has plugged in. Say someone wanted to keep up with the latest news in the fashion industry. That person could plug in the various keywords that would relate to her area of fashion, and she would get that content specific to her specified keywords via the reading device. She would rarely if ever have to look elsewhere to obtain this information because the reader would do it all for her.

Another unique advantage of the tool is its capacity for sharing news feeds with friends, co workers and practically anyone else on the planet. Its sharing capabilities are quite advanced, with public pages that are built in so users can share what they have received with others. It works similarly like a social media page in the sharing aspect and is known to be a main reason why people choose this reader over others for their aggregated content.

When asking the question what is Google Reader, others take notice of the advantage that the service is entirely free. There is never a cost for any service via the device, and it works on multiple browsers. This means people working outside of Google Chrome still can use it too. And there is never any software that must be installed either, so it works almost instantly.